Extreme Journey Walk Across Ontario

Mission Statment

Hello, my name is Neil Hamell and I am about to walk across Ontario, through more then 33 cities and towns and over 1100km.
The main objective here is to raise awareness for
mental health and poverty.
These 2 issues go hand and hand together and they severely effect and damage the lives of many in our communities. Statistics now show that 1 in 5 Canadians struggle with some form of mental illness and a person is almost 3x more likely to develop such illnesses in the poverty community. What this means is ether someone you work with, a friend, a family member, or a loved one somewhere is dealing with this fact and, possibly even yourself. Thankfully however I do see our government officials, health centers and community organizations stepping up efforts to tackle this rapidly growing problem but we can’t leave it just up to them, specially when it effects us all so deeply. That’s why I want to do my part in helping our communities deal with the twin scourge of poverty and mental health issues. As I walk across Ontario I hope that you will support and contribute what you can. Of course even if I knew your strengths and weakness, your yearly income or time schedule I still couldn’t tell you what to give or do, I don’t even have a magic list of things that need to be done! All I know is what I can do to help raise awareness and hopefully inspire more people to do whatever it is they can.
You too can help, I believe we could manage this if everyone just give 1 dollar or 1 hour of their time.
No one can do everything, but everyone can do something…and together we can do anything!
I hope you can support me and follow my journey across Ontario as I attempt to raise awareness in a positive and entertaining way. I can’t do it without support so please help me, help us. Thank you

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2 thoughts on “Extreme Journey Walk Across Ontario

  1. I’ve spotted you around north bay three times this week & I’m glad I took the time to finally research your sign on your back “The Extreme Journey”. Mental illness is a topic I hold very near to my heart & I was just thinking today how unfortunate it is that society thinks north bays downtown population has lots of individuals living with mental illness & hanging around in the Main Street area. People are so uneducated that the resources for those individuals are located in that area & also some of them are on disability & can’t afford cars to get around so there only means of transportation is walking or city transit because they don’t make that much money but I just hate the stigma people have towards mental health & how blind people are towards the poverty side aswell. I’m glad your are raising awareness for your 2 topics because it is a true subject that goes hand in hand & it should be brought into the light! I wish you the best of luck & will definitely share this with my friends & family


  2. Hey Neil! My friend and I are driving to Temagami and just passed you on Route 11. We saw the sign on your back and looked you up– glad we did! We work at a camp in Temagami where we run into mental health issues daily and we really appreciate what you are doing. Best of luck! We look forward to following your journey.
    -Alberta Born-Weiss and Attie McNamara


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